Next In Line To The Throne

Michael Keating

114356162__344272c (Custom)

Who’s next in line for the throne of this isle?
A land cloaked in sadness, led by its bile.
Green, pleasant lands, surround the great cities.
Liverpool, Leeds, and their reduced public kitties.

This former great isle is now lost in the sea.
Politicians don’t care, “it’s all about ME!”
Elected and protected by their vested interests.
Corruption the ideology, behaviour suggests.

And now, its people must look somewhere else.
Their hope and dreams, put back on the shelf.
It’s about big business, handouts to PLCs.
Shouts of “in it together”, drift away with the breeze.

So where do we turn in our hour of need?
Build a new vision, human rights as our creed.
Because nobody remembers who sold us what.
Or how many lives were ruined by this lot.

It’s time for us to move forward, starting right now.
Find a new path of existence. Start our own tao.
We’ve been abandoned by leaders and gods from above.
Let’s go back, build a new Eden and grow it, with love.

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